Writing about Drugs: A Resource


***DISCLAIMER: I do promote the use of illegal drugs in anyway, nor the abuse of prescription drugs. Addiction is a serious issue and can ruin peoples lives. If you or someone you know has gone through this, my heart honestly goes out to you. This article is no way meant to be insensitive to those very really issues. This guide is ONLY FOR WRITERS who wish to honestly portray events in their work.

So you have drug use in your story. I am in no way versed in this particular category so I had my hands full with research. After much digging, I have built this particular reference that may also be helpful for other writers. Here are a couple of things to know (if you don’t have experience yourself):

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Bloody Sundays: Sympathetic Villains in Horror Films: It’s More Common Than You Think


This isn’t about charismatic villains. It isn’t about how we enjoy Freddy Krueger because he snarky and confident even without most of his skin, and forget how he was a child murderer. Then who is sympathetic in Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street? The parents.

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