Wednesday Writing Guides: Naming Resources


Coming up with character names can be more daunting that coming up with the characters themselves. Even worse is trying to name a momentary or background character and loosing valuable time on the process. After looking for proper naming resources for years, here are my Top 4:

Internet Resources:

Behind the Name: Invaluable. You can search by name origin, meaning, and theme. The site is highly accurate and not overly populated with really terrible names that no one would ever use. Also, for surnames, a rare resource: Behind the Surname.

Nameberry: Great for unorthodox lists. Looking for hipster names? Southern-sounding names? Classic names? Earthy names? It’s all there, both compiled by the site and it’s members. Warning: You can end up wasting sometime on this fascinating site.

Seventh Sanctum, Name Generators: Providing an abundance of name generators, especially for those writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Name Nerds: A classic gem. This site has been around forever and is a great resource for unique names, with a special focus on Irish, Scottish, and Welsh names.

BONUS! Physical Resources:

The Writer’s Digest Character Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn Kenyon: One of the only name books I use. Listings are by origin and type, with meanings provided. Incredibly thorough, accessible, and made for writers.

Any sources you rely on that you think belong on this list? Post in the comments!



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