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‘The Walking Dead’: A Study In Dithering Nihilism

Credit: AMC

I am not alone when I say that I hate it when people tell me about their dreams. The inherent meaning in dreams can only be experienced by the viewer because the scenes of nonsense carry an innate meaning even they cannot convey. It’s not the nonsense, however, that’s so completely annoying about these conversations but the dithering nature of story the dreamer is trying to tell. Well remembered, actually interesting dreams shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to tell under normal circumstances. I find myself in these situations thinking, “Is there a point and could you kindly find it?”

Endgame: that’s what we are talking about. Every well told story has a purpose and an ending. The purpose is the deeper message the story is trying to convey. Often this is a moral lesson or an attempt to convey the importance of a particular social norm. The ending simply provides some sense of closure, something often lacking in our own lives. While the end may not put what I call the “big period” at the end of the story and leave room for the viewer/reader to imagine a more complete ending, the primary event of the story is wrapped up.

So I say to the creators and writers of The Walking Dead, “Is there a point, and can you kindly find it?”

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Writing about Drugs: A Resource


***DISCLAIMER: I do promote the use of illegal drugs in anyway, nor the abuse of prescription drugs. Addiction is a serious issue and can ruin peoples lives. If you or someone you know has gone through this, my heart honestly goes out to you. This article is no way meant to be insensitive to those very really issues. This guide is ONLY FOR WRITERS who wish to honestly portray events in their work.

So you have drug use in your story. I am in no way versed in this particular category so I had my hands full with research. After much digging, I have built this particular reference that may also be helpful for other writers. Here are a couple of things to know (if you don’t have experience yourself):

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Using Music in Writing: Just the Basics


Music is unquestionably very powerful. It can remind us of past times, contributes to mood, and even helps build our characters (the old show vs tell). However, using other’s work can be iffy at best, and for most of us, buying the rights isn’t a financial option. Editors, so I have read, also get pretty nervous around using published songs in writing (even legal aspects), so that’s something to keep in mind when sending your manuscript out!

So what are your options?

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Understanding Privilege: New Pew Report Sheds Light On What We Already Knew


Pew released a new report on how both black Americans and white Americans view racial inequality and it only serves to validate generally held ideas about white privilege. To summarize, the report demonstrates that not only do white Americans underestimate the level of inequality felt by black Americans, but that black Americans are not especially hopeful for any change (about 43% believe it will likely never happen) versus white Americans (about 11% believe the same).You can read the full report here.

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